Saturday, 7 July 2012

Episode 25

** Gifs by 33rumieru **

 Husband teaching Wife how to ride a bicycle
 Husband imitating Wife butt shaking
 Moving left and right left and right ...
 Husband carrying tired Wife around
 Nice summer cycling together~
 Husband helping Wife to stand up..
 Wishful string of pasta...
 Left by Wife alone.... talking to his pasta...
While eating alone.... !!!!
 A sweet surprise from Wife
 Husband smiling
 Listening to Wife singing
 Wife Sora singing "He" ....
 Husband still listening.... peeking at Wife...
 Husband was touched.....
 Husband clapping after Wife finished the song
 Wife Sora can't wait to blow the candle
 Aw...Husband didn't get to make a wish.. but still smiling ^_^
 Wife following Husband instruction to put the cake on his mouth nose
 Husband.... -_-
 ...... -_-''
Sora kisses Leeteuk
 Leeteuk kissed by Sora
 Slow motion~
 Wife cannot runaway, use table clothe to hide her face
After a peck.... one got stomach cramp...another got dizzy

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