Saturday, 23 June 2012

Episode 23

 ** Gifs by dzudzu from soompi **

** Gifs by 33rumieru **

 Mouth to Mouth
 Whole body shaking as wife getting nearer
 Palm to Palm
Teuk's cheekbone can't come down, already up still keep going up
 Big size of music box dolls - cute
 Protective Teuk
 Preventing the eyegaze of dancing trainer to reach wife
 Statue Teuk watching wife dancing with trainer....
 Sora Jealousy time?
-_- Happy to see his wife is jealous
 Despite jealousy, still so pretty!
 This is weird.... 2 guys and a lady with one leg up
 Sora so light~
Husband work out building muscle carrying wife
 Husband and Wife ends the dance gracefully
 Husband and Wife laughed happily
90 out of 100!! Bravo Hi 10!!
 Husband doing foot massaging on Wife, Wife "combing" Husband's wife
 Promises Promises....
 Please keep all the promises...

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